Hello, my name is William Johnson, I am an artist born and raised in Toronto, Canada, living
between the city lights and the nature life. I am a painter and musician by heart, called towards the communication of spiritual understandings to the modern world. 

Everything is constantly evolving in this new digital climate and I chose to be on my own as a visionary artist paving a new way for this emerging field and knowledge. My style is unique to it’s owns and represents a direct connection with my love of nature’s flow and connection.

By trade, I have worked as a Published Illustrator, Conceptual Artist and Graphic Designer for companies such as The Globe And Mail “Designer/Illustrator”, ABC’s television show Shadow Hunter’s as a “Conceptual Artist”, and Provo Food Bar as a “Muralist”. In a range of styles and medium that has given my eyes a great amount of experience. 

Giving me a breadth of knowledge for any challenge that a client needs solved, to reach their full potential in presenting themselves. My focus of the future is too collaborate and build relationships with companies aimed at non-for profit, sustainable, humanitarian, spiritual and environmental initiatives. 

I truly love to help create relationships to grow the success of a positive purpose with beautiful action.

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